Specializing in Roof Maintenance and Repair

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Roof Maintenance

As ever-increasing material costs continue to impact the price of new roof installations, it becomes essential to maintain one of the most costly building assets. Roof maintenance is a building owners’ best method of maximizing roof service life while reducing the potential for leaks along the way. Annual inspection and repair allow the little things to be addressed before they develop into major deficiencies, and thereby positively impacting on-going business inside the building.

Leak Repairs

Our technicians evaluate all reported leaks from inside the building and implement a comprehensive scope of work in accordance with their findings. Photographs of the completed work will accompany all invoices. On occasion, additional work may be required to ensure a complete watertight condition, and in such cases, a supplemental detailed proposal will be submitted for client approval.

Tenant Improvements

A significant amount of reported roof leaks are found to be the result of poorly installed tenant improvement penetrations. Often times, the roof is an afterthought of the construction process. Our goal is to stop leaks before they occur.

Safety Improvements

As building codes and OSHA requirements change to create a safer work environment, improvements must be made to existing buildings to conform. Safety Railings, Warning Lines, Safety Bars at Skylights, and many other Fall Protection items must be considered.